Lil Bug

On FB, 4 dogs a woman was trying to adopt out for a "friend". I called Sunday, 3 were already adopted.The 11 yr old Maltese no one wanted due to age AND was going to the shelter in the morning to be put down. I went that afternoon to look at the dog and took him to keep from being put down just for being old. As it turned out the dog was totally deaf. Almost completely blind. Had no idea what the 2 little toys she said were his "favorites" were for. He did not understand play or petting/affection. The vet said his teeth: some missing some decaying. Totally deaf. Almost completely blind. Both ears severely infected. Apparently the dog had been kenneled without much human contact. Completely apathetic. No interest in receiving affection. We persevered. It has been a year. We have found that he can see directly in front of him from about 1-2 feet in bright light. He has just now started to play for a just a couple minutes but growing. He likes getting rub downs. Shows appreciation with baby cooing sounds.He RUNS everywhere even from the kitchen to the LR just because he can. Makes sure we don't forget his evening walks. We built a ramp so he doesn't have to maneuver the steps in the dark out the pet door to the yard. He loves to bark.My husband interprets for him,"I am still here you b**chs. This is MY yard I am protecting. MY yard. Hear me roar." One year and is now showing affection by laying is head against us and cooing when we pet him. I was telling a friend I was disappointed at first that Lil Bug didn't return affection to us at first but so was glad we got him anyway. It took a little longer for him to realize that after his lifetime experience he was loved, safe, free to roam. Now he is so FUNNY, joyful, loving and will be able to live out the rest of his life sleeping on his red velvet cushion.
Kathy Tenn
Hoover, AL