Mama dog was a stray in our neighborhood for 1 1/2 years. Several of us fed her and put out a doghouse for her but she would not let us touch her. The dog catcher tried really hard to catch her but she was too smart. She got pregnant and had puppies under a shed in one of the neighbor's back yards. Another neighbor moved the puppies to their backyard and mama dog followed. When the puppies were old enough furever homes were found for them. No one wanted to take mama dog. Since we still could not touch her, had to have animal control dart her so she could be taken to the local SPCA. My husband went to visit her and found out that the SPCA didn't have the resources to try to socialize her. I went back with him the next day which was Saturday. She was so sad and cowered in the back of her cage. It broke our hearts so we adopted her. I called our vet and he said if the SPCA would keep her until Tuesday, we could bring her to his clinic and he would spay her and get her shots up to date. When we brought her home, we kept her segregated from our four dogs for a week before letting her into the main yard. We named her Lilly. Slowly she found the pet door into the house. There were a few dominance scuffles with our other female dog in the beginning but now they are buds. Two years later she is a happy loving dog who even gives dog kisses. She jumps on our bed in the mornings to be loved on. Can't imagine life without her.
D. Ford
Waxahachie, TX