Lily and Peanut

Wendy Hoad‎The Animal Rescue Site 2 hrs · For 50 years my family always had furbabies of all kinds. When our beloved 2 cats passed away I vowed no more, my heart could not take it. I told myself, our house will be cleaner and we will save money. My heart kept saying our home is missing something. After 3 months I went to our local shelter just to look. I saw a grey ear surrounded by other kittens. My nephew took this kitten out and she looked at me and fell asleep. I named her Lily right there. She was on the kill list. Lily is a Maine Coon and truly special to me. I am disabled and she is my protector and gives me so much happiness. After a year, my husband and I thought Lily could use a pal. So we went to rescue another kitten. The shelter had an out break of colds. We were not told. We picked Peanut. After his shots and being fixed, we brought him home. He was almost dead by morning. First vet visit, the vet wasnt giving much hope 5% that he would live. So with meds in hand and lots of love from Lily and us Peanut made it. They are now 6 and 7 years old.Peanut will always suffer with his lung problem, but he is a happy cat. I have always been an animal rescuer, from farms, shelters and strays. Now I believe my cats give me a reason to wake up and smile. Unconditional love means more then a clean house or money in my book
Wendy Hoad
St Catharines, Canada