Lily...The Best Dog I've Ever Had

Lily is a mix between an Amercian Staffordshire Terrier and a Boxer. We rescued Lily the Summer of 2005. She was one of 5 abandoned puppies that the Humane Society of Springfield, Missouri took into their care. (I was having problems with staying home alone with my bipolarity and other mental disorders, and my husband was working at the time. So my therapist told me to get a dog...the best advice ever!) We walked into the building and I was overwhelmed by how many abused, malnourished, and abandoned dogs the animal shelters rescue and care for! Well, to make a long story short, she looked up at me with her big brown puppy dog eyes, just 8 weeks old, and I knew she was the one. I took her home and she's been my baby ever since. I encourage everyone to consider adopting before buying a full-breed dog. I can honestly say that I've never owned a more well-behaved, loving dog than Lily. She's an angel from Heaven. I've owned pure-bred dogs, and they were fine, but Lily is the best of all of the dogs I've ever had. She's my therapy dog as well as my baby! She licks away my tears when I cry. And I trained her to do many tricks, including "high-paw" and dancing. You don't have to buy a full-breed dog to feel the rewards of unconditional companionship.
Cabool, MO