Lily's rescue story🐶

My friend at the time saw on Facebook that there was puppy's to give away so we went to see them.. There was 5 in total. We saw that the children there was abusing these puppies so my two friends took 2 of the girls and we left I decided I wanted to go back and get lily and her brother but they wouldn't give her brother up(he was the runt). I immediately fell in love with this adorable little puppy and named her 'Molly'. Had her for a bout 3 weeks then I took her and her twin sister Marley up to see my friend and then she fell in love with 'Molly's' twin Marley and when we got home we got the food and her toys all packed up and took the puppies back to my friends later on that day.. Made a mistake and "mixed Molly and Marley up" we have my friend Molly and not Marley but she still fell in love with my dog, she was then renamed 'Lily' and I still got to see her and everything.. I ended up moving in with my friend and Lily and we got kicked out of our place a few months later and ended back up with my dog again but eh oh well still love her today as I did when she was 13 weeks old!!:) she is now 11 months old. Still a caring and loving German Shepard husky mix, still puts a smile on my face. Thank god for her!🐶
Woodstock, Canada