Little Angel

A very neglected, ill and lame small senior dog was dumped on the side of the road, too scared to leave the urine soaked bed she was left in. One neighbor called Animal Control (I have no doubt they would have euthanized her) while another came to my house because they know I love animals. I quickly took the little thing to a 24-hour emergency facility. With great emergency care, surgery, caring hearts, and an amazing adoptive mom who named her "Angel", little Angel now has tons of love and affection for the remaining time that she has. You see, she was unspayed and due to resulting mammary tumors that caused a lung mass, Angel is considered "terminal". Don't be sad, it has already been 10 months and she is doing great. She melts in her adoptive mom's arms and it warms my heart every time I see them, which I try to do often because I've come to love them both. (I would have kept Angel, but my spoiled chihuahua commands a one-pet rule in our household.)
Milford, MI