Little Bella

A few months ago a little cat showed up on my front door ,i had been feeding a feral and she showed up with him one day . When i saw that this little 5 lbs cat was fighting with a 15 lbs feral for food i started feeding her also. After a few days she just decided to come Inside the house, since the room is separated from the rest of the house it was not a problem with my other cats. After eating her meal she just jumped on the couch and never wanted to leave again. She was really quiet , just eating and sleeping most of the time. I put up flyers on poles and ads on the net and no answer at all. A few week after i decided to bring her to the vet for an exam and realise she was no kitten but a 2 year old cat and needed to be neutered so we did . During the operation the vet called me to tell me that this little girl had a major infection , many puss pocket the size of golf balls attached to her utérus. The bill was gonna be much higher than expected but i told them to proceed anyway. The vet is certain that at the stage that the infection was she only had a few weeks to live. I don't know if she knew she was gonna be ok here or if she was just looking for a quiet place to die but now she is a little fireball , she jumps around and plays with the other cats and she now weights 11lbs. She is the most affectionate , sleeps in bed every night and i think she is very happy here I know i am defenetly happy to have opened my door to her.
Laval, Canada