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Little Boo

I found Boo because he screamed. He was a street dog in South India. He had been hit by a car around 7PM one night when playing in the street with his brothers. He was about 3 months old. I was driving by on my moped when I heard him scream. It took over an hour and several people to catch him as he could hobble quite fast on 3 legs and was really LOUD. I looked over and saw his mother, sitting at some distance and howling her despair. I later learned this was her third puppy of this litter to be hit by a car. I knew there was nothing she could do for him now. The hot season was upon us, and he would die a slow and painful death without the ability to reach water. Finally I got him into a large shoulder bag, jumped back on my scooter and drove him to my home in India. The vet told me his hip was broken, but he seems to have mended just fine now. Two months later I brought him back to New York City. At first he was terrified of the leash and refused to go for walks. When I tried to catch him to put on his leash, he would scream again, run away, and pee on the floor in terror, which kind of defeated the purpose of the whole walk-thing. After several months of patience, and much floor cleaning on my part, he now LOVES to go for walks. Today, he lives happily in Manhattan with me, my 2 cats and my 2 other rescued Indian street dogs. Sometimes he still shows his street roots, like when he jumped on my bed and started ripping the sheets apart to build a nest, LOL.

New York, NY