Little Girl finds a home...

In the wooded area across the street from our home, I noticed an animal hiding in the brush. As I went closer with food dish in hand, a scrawny, nearly hairless cat ran to me with that loud, desperate "Meow" that signals a cat in extreme need. She was near starving, very dirty, and had lost most of the hair on her hindquarters and along her spine. She wore a ragged plastic flea collar but no ID. After feeding her regularly for a few days, we managed to get her to our local vet who diagnosed flea allergy, mosquito nose and extreme earmites. Medication took care of all her conditions and twice a day feedings gave her back her beautiful coat and a healthy weight -- 12 lbs at last visit! No matter what we had to do to her -- give her pills, clean and medicate her ears and nose, Little Girl has never once scratched or tried to bite us. She had already been spayed when she found us. She is the sweetest cat, and makes me wonder how she came to be in such bad straits. Her story has a happy ending since she is one of our family, which includes 3 more previously homeless cats, but there are many more abandoned animals out there, literally dying for a helping hand. Please do your part!
AJ Smith
Key Largo, FL