Little Hitchiker

We were coming home from grocery shopping one Sunday afternoon in November 2007 and as we rounded the curve just before the turnoff to our house we saw this little ball of fluff running frantically up and down the middle of the highway. We were right next to a commuter parking log, so we honked until he ran in there (fortunately the oncoming traffic stopped to allow this and let us turn in behind him). We got out of the vehicle and tried to coax him to us, but he went under our truck and just barked at us. Finally we opened the doors and stepped back. He jumped right in and we jumped in after him and closed the doors. We then drove to neighboring homes to see if he belonged to anyone (it's a rural area - not many people live right there). He was not a "local" and we were told many dogs get dumped at that parking lot. He went home with us - fur matted, drooling madly (from fear), thin, and flea infested. He was thin, but his little red collar (no tags, of course) was getting too tight. At first we left him in our yard - not sure how our other four dogs would react. Within an hour he was inside with us, brushed, bathed, fed. And ours forever.
Anne Steele
Westphalia, MO