Little Mexican Kitty

We found a tiny tailless kitten in Mexico while walking a friend's dog. She had hidden in a half-built house and came running out to greet us as if we were old friends! She swiped a paw at the dog and the claw caught in the dog's nose and she went flying! She ran off and I thought she was gone, but when I took some food out for her, she came running back. We took her to a vet and found that she was only 7 weeks old. I thought she would have a better chance of adoption in Oregon so we kept her with us and drove the 2000 miles home with her. But after all that, we couldn't give her up!! She will outgrow her name soon. She will be 6 months old soon and our vet says she is growing so fast she will be a big kitty soon.
Ann Laffin
Hillsboro, OR