Little Orphan Annie!

Our Sassy had just sudddenly passed away, and both my husband and I thought it was way too soon for a new cat. But when I saw a local rescue group showing cats for adoption, one kept staring at me and moving her paws in my direction; from at least 50 feet away! She would make direct eye contact with me and really beckoned me over! We were interviewed on the phone by the rescue group, and brought Annie home the next day! She had been rescued from the streets behind a market in an older section of Cleveland. She is terrified of anything resembling a stick; wrapping paper roll, ruler, etc., so we are very sad to think she may have been abused. Annie has brought so much love and laughter into our home since then! Our other 2 cats get along with her, and we refer to Annie as, "the baby." We now think that Sassy angel sent Annie to us to ease the aching we felt when Sassy passed. There are far too many homeless pets who need loving homes.
Sharon Horodyski
Middleburg Hts, OH