Little Pippi Longstocking in her Christmas Tree

My beloved dad died and I went to his house every day to pick up the mail and check on his house. His house is surrounded by woods in the back and on one side. As I was checking the mailbox I heard this horribly loud screaming coming from the woods. It was pitiful and so loud you could hear it many houses away. It sounded just like our neighbors' two big parrots so I thought perhaps a bird had gotten loose from somebody. Walking down the street toward the sound which was getting even louder and louder I still wasn't sure who was making such a noise. As I got closer to the sound, out of the woods jumped the most beautiful little part Siamese/part white domestic cat who couldn't have been more than six weeks old. I couldn't believe such caterwauling could from such a tiny kitten but she was determined to be noticed! Reaching down to her she jumped right into my arms and into my heart. But we already had 3 cats and at our age didn't want a kitten. I took her home with full intention of taking her to the shelter the next morning assuming she'd be adopted because of her beauty. Ha! By the next morning we'd already tried 3 different names on her finally settling on Pippi Longstocking because of her long white legs. She is possessed of the sweetest disposition of any cat we've ever been owned by. Thus far we've had her for two Christmasses and each year she has claimed the Christmas tree for her personal playground, even sleeping in it. She talks quietly now and we've never heard that unbelievably loud scream again.
Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis
Palm Bay, FL