LittleBit Fojtik

When I first noticed this little kitten, she marched out to the sidewalk, hissed at me and proceeded to sashay back to her mother and siblings. I casually mentioned to the owner that if she didn't find a home for that particular kitten, I might be interested in taking her. Several weeks later while working in my yard, I noticed the lady coming down the sidewalk, carrying something. She walked up to me and said "Here, her mother abandoned her 2 or 3 days ago and she has been laying out in my yard ever since". She promptly turned around and went back home. Looking down at that tiny, weak kitten I hoped I would never be a patient under her nursing care as compassion was obviously NOT in her nature. This poor baby was infested with parasites, dehydrated, weak and dying. Off to the emergency vet I go and along the way I decided I couldn't let her die without a name so she became LittleBit. The vet was doubtful he could save her, but he did! She stayed under his care for a week and got stronger every day that we visited her. She came home with tons of medicine and handled it like the big girl she would grow to be. Several months later, she became weak and listless, so back to that same wonderful vet (Dr. Toby Rouquette) - this time it was a fungal lung infection. The prescribed medicine cured that and she was once again feeling great! Here it is, 10 years or so later and she is still going strong. She developed diabetes a couple of years back, but accepts her daily injections like a champ. She visits Dr. Toby occasionally and we are so grateful for her and the joy she has brought into our lives. She is beautiful and is the matriarch of our fur-baby brood. Be Kind - Spay/Neuter your pets and visit your local SPCA and SAVE A LIFE!!!!
Laurie Fojtik
Fort Worth, TX