Lola...a Diamond in the Rough!

Our search for a feline friend led us to a local shelter, where I wanted to take ALL of the cats home, but my sights stopped on a skinny, white but filthy little girl, who was about a year old. She had a nasty cold, could barely open her eyes and was having a hard time breathing. When I put my hand up to her cage, she stuck her little paw out at me and gave me a pitiful look. I asked an employee about her, and she said that she came in neglected, with her siblings, who were all adopted. She was the last one left. I knew right then that someone needed to give her a chance, and that it was going to be us! She only took about 5 minutes to warm up to us. We nursed her back to health, cleaned her up and fattened her up! She is the most playful, friendly, and loving cat I have ever met (not to mention beautiful, but I am a little biased!) She follows us everywhere around the house, fetches her toys, and makes sure to let out a meow if she feels she isn't getting the attention she deserves. She loves to nuzzle your face, cuddle and looks forward to bedtime where she sleeps as close to me as possible, with an occasional lick on the forehead during the night. We are so thankful to have found her, and can't imagine life without her. We just hope that our story will motivate people to adopt, and to not rule out an animal just because they are sick or have a disability. They have just as much if not more potential to be an amazing pet, and they will be forever thankful and love you for life!
Shana Overholt
Souderton, PA