From her early days, Lola had to struggle to survive, and did it with her tail up and wagging. I found Lola six months ago, at She looked perfect for our family. She was a Saint Bernard puppy with Bernese markings - a white stripe from the nose to the forehead. I interpreted it as a good omen, since we have two Berners - Frieda and Geppetto. In days, Good Dog Rescue declared us Lola's parents and gave us a date to pick her up at a parking lot in New Hampshire. Lola was one of dozens of dogs being unloaded from the truck to meet their new owners. At six months old, she was skinny, sick, and confused from a 20-hour ride. She was shipped from Tennessee, where she had been living in a foster home. Before that, her abusive owner almost starved her to death. In the car, Frieda and Geppetto ignored her all the way to the house by the lake, where we were spending vacations. But Lola was decided to stay. As soon as she set foot on the beach at the house, she chased the dogs with sticks, raw hides and toys to get their attention. It didn't work. But, after eating, Frieda and Geppetto were too tired to bother with her. Lola found her place on the blanket and slept the whole night, enjoying the warmth of her siblings' bodies. The next day our playtime improved. Frieda played with Lola while Geppetto enjoyed a bone by himself. Geppetto wrestled with Lola when Frieda slept at my feet. Two weeks later, they were inseparable. And now we all are so glad to have succumbed to this sweet "Saint Berner" who, with a good attitude, took control of our toys, our bones and our hearts.
Daniela Caride -
Cambridge, MA