Looking for a Home

About a month ago, my female black lab Josie and I noticed a stray cat hanging around between our house and my neighbor's, who has four cats of her own. Every time we went up to the fence he would look up and cry so pitifully. He seemed friendly so I started feeding him. With those blue eyes and long hair I found out later he is a silver Persian. I took him to the vet and got him tested and up to date with his shots and found out he is about two years old and neutered. He had to have his hair shaved off because of the burrs, so he enjoyed a day at the spa. It's been a week and Josie and he are getting along just fine. When I leave for work in the morning I see them sitting in the bay window together, and it shows how quickly animals accept each other. A good lesson for us humans. P.S. I named him Gabriel, Gabby for short. In the evening when I'm home, you can find him in my lap!
Dayton, OH