Lord Sesshoumaru - love at first sight

"Big white cat abandoned on the street" said my mother. She and some neighbours helped catching him, and he was immediately taken to the vet´s and got castrated the very next day. "He is big", I said when I met him. Then I hugged him and took him home. This May 20th will be 3 years Lord Sesshoumaru is with me and my other cats. He sleeps inside my bed in winter, huggs or cuddls to me in summer, on top of my belly anytime. I can see him by the side of the bath every time I take a shower. He has become "my boyfriend", cos I love him so much. Yet, he unfortunatelly suffers from feline Aids..... And since he loves escaping just to lay on the sun..... I had to block all the ways out. I just want to give him all I can for the time he is with me. And so it is that I love more the animals than humans. Fortunatelly he only spent 1 month on the streets. Yet, so many animals are neglected by so-called-humans. Sesshy has more humanity in him that real people. Thank you for helping animals!
Buenos Aires, Argentina