Loss of one brings love of another

After the loss of my last rescue to liver cancer, I have been rescued by another! He is about 2 years old and I actually went to visit him at the MaxFund last fall, but I just wasn't ready yet-cried the whole time I was there. He had already had an adoption pending, so I was glad he was getting a fur-ever home. The holidays came and went and the cold of the new year set in. Long story short, I dreamed about Chu-Oui (the chow I lost in the spring of '08) several nights in a row and then another sort of 'sign' came. Chu-Oui was trying to tell me something... Well, I checked the MaxFund website on a Friday after the recurring dream visits and the little Chow Chow was still there. I went to visit him and fell in love! I asked about what happened with the previous adoption and they told me that the people never came to pick him up-how sad is that? They called my references over that weekend, and then called me the following Monday to tell me that he was mine! I was so excited, and a little scared at the same time. His shelter name was Jack, but it didn't fit him very well. His name is now Tuko (meaning 'Fate'). He has settled in quite nicely and is enjoying a big fenced in yard of mountain wilderness to wander and explore. I am no longer scared...This little one has crawled into my heart and has given me so much love that I can't imagine how I've live without him! His big brother Chu would be so proud!
Evergreen, CO