Lost in the woods

7 years ago I was at my hairdresser's home getting my hair dyed. We decided to sit out on her back porch while it processed. There I was in a cape with dye all over me when I spotted a tiny little kitten. I asked her about the kitten and she said the neighborhood stray had kittens and they all lived in the woods behind her house. I wanted to go over, but she said no one can pick them up, they are feral. So, me in my cape climbs over into the bushes and scoops up this tiny black kitten. She melted in my arms. I went over to my hairdresser, who was by this time eating meat and potatoes and she hand fed potatoes to the kitten. She was so starving she ate potatoes! Once she was in my arms, I knew I could not let her go back into the woods starving, skinny, and alone. I took her to the vet, no chip. Fleas, but 2 flea baths fixed that. Lots of good food and a warm bed and now 7 years later she is the best cat in the world. She talks and cuddles and she is the best thing I ever found outside and the best stroke of luck I ever had.
Aurora, IL