Louie's Life

Louie was listed in a book at the pound, the smaller dogs were in 'foster care'. When I went to check him out, his foster 'mom' (And I use that term VERY lightly!) practically threw him in my arms, screaming...."He bites, he's aggressive and he runs away. I just can't deal with him anymore. He was my mother-in-law's dog (she had passed away) and we tried to keep him for sentimental reasons, but I just can't deal with it anymore!" So I'm holding him and thinking...holy crap...but when I looked down at him, he put his head on my shoulder, looked up at me and let out a long sad sigh. I took him home on the spot! I discovered days later, while shaking out a rug, when he 'hit the deck' and went down on all fours, trying to become flat as a pancake, and other events that followed, that he'd been abused by this daughter-in-law. When I first got him, he only weighed 7 pounds and you could see and count his ribs! He lived outside on a farm with three HUGE dogs, which means he was probably last to eat, if he got anything at all! His original owner was excellent, he's so well potty trained, he actually will come up to you and 'push' on you with his front paws if he thinks you're taking too long, he loves to "talk" and his personality is a riot!! That woman never knew what a good boy he was and her loss was my total gain...he's NEVER given me one moment of grief, never bitten, never ran away, and certainly has never been aggressive! He's an angel wearing fur! He's absolutely adorable and oh so love-able. What he has brought to my life is priceless!
Genoa, OH