Love at First Jump

It was just after Christmas when I decided to get a new cat. I wanted to go to the local shelter and rescue a kitty. I went with my parents. When I got there the volunteer brought me right over to the kittens area. There were only about 6 left and they were are all crammed into 1 cage. I didn't see her right away. She was tiny and scrawny. My mom pointed out this beautiful grey stripped cat and asked if we could pick it up. The volunteer told us sure. I bent down to open the cage and was going towards the grey one when this little black blur flew out of the cage and landed on my shoulder and started licking my cheek and curling into my neck. I was done! I didn't need to look any further!! It was love instantly. I immediately named her Chloe. She just looked like a Chloe. My mom asked me if I was sure about her there was no hesitation. It is now 13 years later and my baby girl Chloe is the most loving and special kitty anywhere. I love my Chloe girl so much ❤️
Orlando, FL