When Tara passed from her cancer, my husband, who has allergies, said we shouldn't have any more cats. I reluctantly agreed (he is taking medication for his condition). About two months later, my neighbor asked me to come over and meet the kitty they found living in a box at a car dealership. She said that I could better describe the cat to others if I saw it in person - so I agreed to help find this cat a new home. When I saw him, and he looked up at me so sweetly, I knew I had to be the one to adopt him! I treated my husband to a nice dinner and paid for it - that was the tipoff - he asked what I was up to! I told him about the cat - and pleaded to accept the cat on a "trial basis" - I would do everything to keep the dander down and my husband's sneezing under control too!. Well, this trial basis has lasted 5 years now! Muffy and my hubby have bonded very well together - he's the love of our lives - that dinner was well worth the investment!
East Hampton, CT