Love at First Sight

Two years ago, following the funeral of my friend's husband, we were at her home with some family and friends, when out of nowhere, wandering on this small country road, was a little puppy who was obviously injured. So, I picked her up (all 3.8 lbs of her), and it was love at first sight. I decided to take her home & foster her until her "parents" could be located but that never happened, so Kassidy has been a part of my family, along with her big sister, Shelby, since then. She recovered quickly from her broken foot and has no idea that she once was a "street" dog, nor does she realize that she weighs less than 10 lbs. She loves to "play-fight" with my roommate's Golden Retriever, Keiba. She's a happy, healthy girl who loves to cuddle with me in my recliner. Oh, by the way, did I mention that she loves to bark!
Linda Wilson
Clovis, CA