Love Bug

I first met Rollio at the end of March when he came into the shelter I was a volunteer at. He was very depressed.  After a couple of weeks I decided he needed to be petted.  I got a fabric string toy and wrapped it around the end of the stick. I began to stroke him with it. He began to roll into it and began purring.  After a few days I finally began to pet him with my hands.  By mid May my semester was over and I was leaving the state.  I tried to convince my mom to let me adopt him, but she told me over and over again that she did not like cats. Over the next few months I kept thinking about Rollio.  I would check online to see if anyone had adopted him, but he was still there.  By the end of September he was still there. I emailed the shelter that week asking about him and if it was possible to adopt him for my grandparents. When I heard back they said how he had been hissy and faced the wall most of the day and because this they were going to euthanize him.  I broke down crying.  My mom broke down and my dad and her agreed.  My mom figured the worst that would happen would be that we would get him home and he would be mean and we would have to put him down ourselves. It did not take long for him to adjust.  He knew he was home. He loves us petting him.  It has been almost five years now and he has grown so much. He is obsessed with my dad and my mom even has grown to love him (and all the other cats we have since gotten).
Marlton, NJ