When we lived in Sacramento, I would feed the homeless cats on our patio, even though we weren't supposed to. Eventually, we adopted 4 lil girls, 5-7 years ago. We had just lost our Oliver (13 years old-also rescued in 1998 with his twin brother Tom), and came home one day to find the sweetest lil girl pouncing around at our door. No one answered the adds we put in paper, and around apt. complex, so we adopted her, and called her Stevia :-) Another was born in the bushes across from our apt.on St. Patrick's Day, I named her Patty, and have been taking care of her since she was a week old :-) The apt. manager asked us if we would give her a home, because she knew how much I love cats :-) Her sister (we named Polly), was brought to us 6 months later, by some lil girls that lived in the complex, and found her wondering the streets, barely alive. Then there was Charlie Girl, who snuck in through the slightly opened patio door, and hasn't wanted to leave since! :-) To make this much shorter, I moved to a rural S. CA town called Anza, last Dec. 2015, so my daughter could help take care of me, as my health is failing. A week before I was to move, I was told that I could only bring 2 cats! I cried all week, (Tom had passed away in 2014 from cancer at the age of 15). All the shelters were full, and I just couldn't depart with any, so I told my daughter I wasn't leaving Sacramento without all 4 of my girls. The landlady here, won't allow my cats in most of house, and all 4 are confined to a 150 sq. ft room. They aren't allowed outside either, but the chickens are! We paid her $3000 security deposit, and my cats have never done damage to apts. Always got deposits back. Praying to find a new home for my girls, so they will be much happier, with more room to roam :-)
Anza, CA