Love on Four Skinny Legs

I found Lucy wandering the streets, hungry, cold and dirty on December 26, 2008. She had no collar or chip. There were no 'dog lost' posters or internet postings. The people at the house nearby told me to take her. She had been there for a week but they couldn't care for another animal. So I took the little dog, who later became Lucy, with me with every intention of taking her to a no kill shelter. I am a cat person. I have 5 indoor cats; 4 ferals outside. I don't understand dogs. I drove 40 miles to my home with the exhausted little dog on my lap and she became mine. I still don't understand dogs but I love this funny little creature who poops on my floor and chases my cats (it's getting better). Animals and people come into our lives for a reason: In this case, Lucy is Love.
Charlotte Nicks
Magnolia, TX