Loving Laredo

This loving shepherd had been in the local animal shelter for 2 years without a friend. He developed an eye infection that refused to be daunted by treatment, so he finally had his eye removed. Two days later, I went looking for a loving male dog to fill my empty back yard. Laredo stole my heart, so I agreed to take him home even though he was still on medication and had the stitches in his face. We quickly learned to love each other, and now he is the master of the deck and back yard, that he sometimes shares with my older female. She has learned to trust him, too, and they even sleep together when she decides to stay out awhile. Laredo has shown no issues with his health and no problems getting around all the things growing in the back yard. He does have a tendency to bury any treats given to him, but maybe he'll grow out of this once he learns his treats are his alone! Please consider adopting a pet from a shelter, as not all animals make it to a no-kill shelter like Laredo did.
Salem, MO