Loving Spirit Untarnished

I had lost two wonderful cats due to old age. I didn't think I was ready for another new kitty, but decided to browse on Petfinder.com. I noticed a mixed Siamese with puffy little cheeks who was blind in one eye. I couldn't get him out of my mind. I contacted the shelter Chesapeake Cats & Dogs in Maryland and, within a few days, they delivered him to my home in Delaware. Adam has proven to be a gentle, loving companion who has overcome the worst odds with his beautiful spirit untarnished. Below is a segment from a poem "Finding my Forever Home" by Kathleen S. Baker that Debbie Lukacovic adapted for Adam (Our one-eyed Siamese cat placed in a home in Delaware): Poem For Adam "They took me to a wonderful home, With another kitty and tons of toys. They say I'm called a rescue cat, But mainly I'm a much-loved boy. At last my "great life" has begun, And no more will my heart ache. We snuggle close in bed at night And I get kisses when I wake. My heart smiles in my "forever home," And love sparkles in my people's eyes. I'm only touched with gentle hands, And baby Adam never, ever cries.
Susie Bowers
Millsboro, DE