Luci and Merlyn

At the time my hubby Gary, had only agreed to just one kitten, and my choice was the most active in the cage, trying to get the heck out, we named him 'Merlyn'. And for an added blessing, Gary asked about the other boy, who was pleasantly sleeping in the very back of the cage, not at all worried about getting out. Once in Gary's arms, all he said was 'This ones going to be real handful ! Lets call him Lucifer.' And so we did!!! Both our babes, 'Lucifer' & 'Merlyn' absolutely adored my late husband Gary. He was so very ill, and rarely left the house, plus, they could lay right on top of him, for hours and hours and hours, sleeping contently. Plus they were amazingly obedient to him too. Where as me, well, they more or less looked at me like we used to look at our Mom's as teenagers.....right ? The day we lost Gary, April 14th, 2007, they knew something wasn't right. When the ambulance was here, trying to revive him, they ran under the bed, and didn't move for nearly the remainder of the day. They knew that Dad was gone, they didn't even come out for their supper until, very very late in the night. Eventually things smoothed out around here (somewhat) and it was just the three of us. There are many nights when I've been sobbing my heart out, and each time, they've appeared from where ever they were, eyes wide open, staring at me, as if to say, 'What can we do to help you Mom?'So I know they're very smart. These little bundles are the reason I get up every morning, and I'm very grateful that Gary said finally we could have not one, but two!!!
Sheila Joyce Gibbs
Vancouver, Canada