Lucky 7

This kitten's picture was taken at about 2 and a half months. Her mother was taken by a preditor when she was only 3 weeks old. She was found freezing to death along with her litter mates. Without the immunity from mothers milk, they all caught a cat flu and were dying on by one. She was the only survivor of 7. When we saw her at 6 weeks old, she was a very sick little girl. Her eyes were crusted over and she was unable to see. Her nose was clogged and she was very small for her age. Some polysporin on her eyes started to clear the crust away and they started to open but what we could see was disheartening. They were so clouded we thought she was blind. We fed her a formula and bathed her eyes and nose and took her to the vet a couple days after we got her. She weighed one pound. The virus was something she had to fight on her own. We were advised to get her to eat kitten food as soon as possible and wean her from the formula. All we could do was give her some immunity booster and continue to keep her as comfortable as possible. She improved. Her eyes cleared up, the smelly discharge from her nose gradually went away and the sneezing stopped. What a joy to watch her progress into a strong, healthy romping ball of mischief. She is now 5 months old and a beautiful harlequin. She has truly lived up to her name QT. .
Carol Ogden
Petawawa, Canada