Lucky is truly lucky.

There was a little brown tiger kitty hanging around the house so we started to feed him. We made sure he had food and water everyday. One day in January of 2016 the little one had showed up for his lunch and breakfast and was just fine. I went to give him supper on my way to work and it was obvious that he had been hurt. I has chased a small red-tailed hawk from the yard twice that day and suspected the hawk tried to catch him. I was hoping the kitty would be ok but as the week went on he didn't seem to get any better. In fact was getting worse. It soon became clear that I either got this little one medical help or I was going to watch him die. I called my vet for an appointment. The next problem was to catch him. He ended up coming to me and letting me pick him up without any problem. I took him to the vet. He was running a fever and the wounds were infected. The vet wanted to keep him so the could take care of him. They called later saying he was going to be ok but would need lots of care. I went to visit him the next day since he was going to have to stay another day. I wanted to cry. I would never have thought the wounds were as serious as they were (the vets had shaved his back to treat the wounds). I told him I would do whatever he needed to help him. He would undergo laser treatments and would have to go make return trips to the vet. He also needed meds and wound treatment twice a day. Now 5 weeks after his first appointment he is pretty much healed. He has some scars from the hawk's claws and some hair may not grow back. He also has some ptsd from the event. He has made himself right at home and is now the 9th member of our cat family. We decided to name him "Lucky".
Mifflinburg, PA