Lucky Lou

So my friend and I were out for dinner when she received a telephone call from her husband saying to come home. They had taken their boat out of storage and they had castaways on board. I had just gotten a female cat (Haleigh Marie) from a farm and asked my friend if I could have one of the kittens for Haleigh to have a sister. She agreed. I went home with her and her husband had gotten all the kittens out of the boat and put them in a tub. I kept looking for the perfect sister for Haleigh and I finally made my choice. I scooped the kitten out of the tub and put her inside by sweatshirt to keep her warm. Everyone kept asking which kitten I chose and where she was.... I would just point to my zipper. I decided to name her Lucky Lou since all her siblings went to live outside on a farm and Lucky Lou was "lucky" enough to come home with me. Well I tried to keep tabs on Lucky's siblings but with them living outside they were not as "lucky" as Lucky Lou. Some were killed by farm equipment, others were killed by other animals and some did not survive the Spring weather. Lucky has turned into quite the little princess. She loves me to carry her around the house like a baby and pat her butt. She snuggles under the covers with me for a while and eventually jumps off the bed but always comes back because when I wake up she is right by my side. Lucky does not like storms and as soon as she hears thunder she is off and running to hide under my bed. I put some food and water under my bed for her until the storms pass. Lucky loves to chase laser pointers and Christmas is her favorite time of year. She loves to lay underneath the Christmas tree and chew the corners of all the presents. So as you can see Lucky Lou is one "lucky" little girl....
Kimberly Hansen
Clinton, IA