Lucy and Otter

Lucy was found by friends on city streets, hungry and scared. One look at her beautiful face and colors in her fur, and we were in love. At first, she would not eat without supervision, making sure no one was coming to hurt her or take her food, but she is now trusting and loving after 9 years in a safe home. Otter is a munchkin cat that was in so-called "rescue", but had severe respiratory infection and was very neglected. He now gets the best veterinary care, and although he will always have respiratory trouble and has also developed asthma, he is one of the most loving aniamls you will ever meet. We call him the "Cat Ambassador" for his ability to charm even those who were not fond of cats. They are now both adored and loved and protected as they should be, and we are so lucky to have them.
Sally and Brian
Hatfield, PA