Lucy Bell

A few months after sending my Molly Girl across the rainbow bridge it became apparent that our sweet Franki was lonely. And while I wasn't sure I was ready for another cat, I agreed to find Franki a playmate. We went through the adoption agency at our local Pet Smart. I knew that I wanted a mostly white calico, female. They didn't have one at the store, but they had one in foster care. I went to meet her, and while she wasn't Molly, she sure was cute and so we brought her home and named her Lucy. Of course Franki pretends to only tolerate Lucy, but there is love between them. More importantly for me is that there is so much Love in my heart for Lucy. She is such a lover, she talks and she plays and she makes sure I know that she is around (especially at 2AM when she just has to tell me all her secrets - who cares if I was sleeping). I call her Lucy Bell because she has a sweet bell like voice. She has helped me to heal from the loss of my first love Molly. Right now Lucy is sitting on my lap asking me when I will play with her. How lucky am I?
Williamsburg, VA