I was at the Bow Wow and Meows pet fair held once a year in Santa Clarita where i had adopted my beautiful Calvin from 3 years before. I was there to purchase some more goodies for Calvin from the vendors when i saw Luna. I wasnt planning on getting a 2nd furbaby. She looked alot like Calvin and she had just been spayed so that she could be brought to this event for adoption from the animal shelter. I waited hoping someone would adopt her and i saw one of the Officers from the animal shelter take her on a walk around the fair. I waited and she didnt return so i thought great she found a home and left. Later that evening i thought what if she didnt get adopted? I called the animal shelters and traced her down she had not been adopted and she had been moved from one shelter to another. I rushed there and adopted her and Calvin my other rescue adores her and so do I
Santa Clarita, CA