My family and I moved three times within the last three months, first to a temporary trailer while we waited for our place to be done. During that stay we became the beacon for the stray cat's in the trailer park because we would sit out food and water for them. No joke I have the softest heart when it comes to animals especially those without homes or a steady source of food I figured the least I could do was make sure they had one meal a day anyway. Among the cats that came and went was a young beautiful white with grey golden eyed tabby. She was friendly from the get go and would often come up and sit on the porch with me during the day when I was outside. When we moved to our place she disappeared for a few days. Two weeks ago she not only showed up but walked into the house and straight to the food. I have to say it was a bit shocking she made herself quite at home and has been with us every since. The picture does not do her justice she didn't feel like posing when I took this one. Madalaine is roughly 9months old and is pregnant with what will be her first and last litter of kittens. We continue to provide food and water for the others that wander over from time to time and try to find homes for the younger ones.
Mary Kirwan
Pontiac, IL