Maddie Gets a Forever Home!

Maddie's story starts with the passing of my toy yorkie, on January 1st, 2002. Max meant the world to me and when he died I was devastated! In March of that year I saw a poster about Rescue Dachshunds. I made a phone call asking if they had a mini female. They didn't have one at that time and said it could be up to a year before they could find one for me. I said I would wait. The very next day I got a call saying they had found a mini female dachshund! Was I interested? Yeah! Within a week I was holding that beautiful little girl! I named her Madison Leigh; Maddie for short. When they found her she was starving, her tail and both ears had been frost bitten, and she had no hair left on her tiny body. Because we worked and I didn't want her to be lonely, I got a puppy to keep her company. Zach is now a year old and he mothers her. She didn't know how to play, but Zach has taught her how to play and to play with all their toys! He even helped her find her "voice"! When my husband gets ready for work in the mornings she barks and barks at him, with her tail straight up and waggs and waggs her tail. When she's done telling him "Good Morning" she walks back into our bedroom and snuggles back down into her huge bed with Zach and that's where I find them in the mornings. I truely belive that Max brought Maddie into my life. He knew I needed that hole in my heart filled and that Maddie needed a forever home. Maddie is very happy and secure. She's my Angel!
Sherry Ouart
Annawan, IL