Maggie Mae

We had just lost our Australian Shepherd, Hagar, at the age of 14. We were heartbroken and were not going to get another dog. Just didn't want to go through the pain of another dog dying, which eventually happens. But, I started looking at rescue dogs. I came across Maggie, then called Chloe, and fell in love at first site. Maggie was an English Setter which are pointers. We had always had herding dogs. Apparently she had won show ribbons and was supposed to breed. Well, she was having none of that so she had no value to the breeders. That's how she ended up on a rescue site. So, I convinced my husband to go and meet her. That was it. After a home and yard inspection we brought her home. We never looked back or regretted giving her a home. Setters are very gentle and loving dogs. She brought us so much joy. Maggie was 4 years old at that time. She had been raised in a kennel. She didn't know how to play and didn't seem interested. Her big interest was going to the park, sneaking up on and pointing at the birds and squirrels. That was her fun time and she provided a lot of entertainment to other people in the park with her sneaking and pointing. Maggie developed diabetes at age 14 and she passed away just 3 months shy of her 15th birthday, December 2015. We miss her terribly.
Guelph, Canada