Maggie the One Eyed Cat

Maggie was found in a backyard by some very unfriendly dogs. She had given birth to 4 kittens and they were in immediate danger. In the process of defending her babies from the dogs, her eye was severely injured. The owner of the backyard called Save the Cats AZ to come help her. Sadly, Maggie lost her eye due to infection and one of her kittens passed away. But the three surviving kittens were adopted. When she came to Save the Cats AZ she has was depressed and anti social. We started her on Jackson Galaxy's Grouch Remedy, which perked her up a lot. A wonderful foster mom named Elisha, took her in with several other special needs kitties. Now Maggie has transformed into a playfull cat who loves to be petted. Thanks to Elisha's love and Jackson Galaxy's Grouch Remedy she is happy and content.
Barbara Arce
Gilbert, AZ