Mamma's Boy

I was ready to add a kitty to my household and was looking for a red tabby male. The local pet store had one in their adoption center so I went to look. The red tabby completely ignored me no matter how much I tried to get his attention. In the cage next to him was a 4 month old blue tabby medium long hair baby boy. Not what I was looking for but I asked to hold him. When the sales person handed him to me this little guy wrapped his arms around my neck and started purring. That was it, he stole my heart. After deciding to adopt this guy I tried to hand him back to the sales person. Nope, he didn't want any part of that. He hissed at her and swatted her hands away then wrapped his arms around my neck and held on tight. Of course I took him home. I named him Winston and he quickly bonded with my 2 small dogs. He fit perfectly with us. But true to his actions at the pet store he wanted nothing to do with anyone else. I had to lock him out of the bedroom when my daughter came to visit just so she could see him, hiding under the sofa. When I went out of town for 10 days my friend came over to care for him, the only way she knew Winston was there was having to scoop his box and fill his food bowl. But with me he is a lover, jumps into my arms, demands my attention if I dare to walk by without giving him a pet. He loves to play fetch, yes he brings the toys back for me to throw again. Winston is my boy, we were meant to be together. He wasn't what I was looking for but ended up being everything I could ask for and more.
Ordway, CO