Master Batcat

I just recently said goodbye to the best Batcat a girl could ever have after 19 years of loving companionship, face licks and head boops. Podge was the tiniest ball of fur with the biggest belly when I rescued him and his even smaller brother, Midge from being 'dumped', and we all had a wonderful and happy life together. He saw me through the various traumas and trials that human relationships can bring with a rugged determination, and filled my life with an unconditional love that no human has matched - providing his food was ready in timely fashion! He thought nothing of hogging the entire bed, staring at me in the bathroom and singing me the song of his people at 3am and I cannot tell you how much his natural passing has left a huge hole in my life. He really was a big part of my life and a happy cat. He loved to play sentry duty on that gate post, ready to grab Lubs and hugs from any unsuspecting person that walked by. He's gone over the Rainbow Bridge and I know he is waiting for the day we meet again. Wear that Bat mask with pride Podgey Boy. You wore it so well.
Jenny Lowman
London, United Kingdom