Master Romo Hayes

Hi! I'm Romo. Somebody decided I wasn't worth keeping and dumped me along a road in Amarillo, Texas where luckily I was found before I got run over (I'm tiny you know). The nice man took me to the Amarillo SPCA, a no-kill shelter (thank God!) until someone could take me home permanently. But I was very sick and my future looked dim. That is until my mommy came to the Shelter looking for ME (yes, specifically ME!) She took me to her vet, Dr. Demere, and he kept me for a week and saved my life. Now I live with my human parents and fellow Pekingese Taz, my dad, China, my mom, and brother Boo, who is also adopted. My dog parents couldn't have puppies, so Boo and I are their kiddos. And yes, we are all spoiled rotten but I think I'm the favorite... All I can say to you humans is this: "ADOPT A SHELTER DOG -- WE RULE AND ARE EVEN MORE APPRECIATIVE OF THE LUCKY HUMAN THAT ADOPTS US -- WE KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE UNLOVED AND IT SUCKS!" Love To All, Romo Thank you Amarillo SPCA for caring!!!!!!
lori hunnicutt-hayes
amarillo, TX