Matai - My Gift From God

This is the story of Matai and he got his special name. Matai is Hebrew for "Gift from God". I treasure Matai because he represents two special beings in my life. I found him as a kitten who had been dumped on a country road and he was so scared his claws were literally gripped tightly into the road asphalt. I had to pry them free to rescue him. The day? It was the evening of the day my Mother died, August 26, 2004. He was so weak he could barely stand. When I took him to the vet in the morning, the vet said from his teeth he was 8 weeks old and we weren't sure if he was going to make it. Exactly 8 weeks prior on July 2, 2004 my beloved Siberian Husky, Kimo (Canandian Champion Last Dance of the Midnight Sun) turned to look at me, howled and he died in my arms from a heart attack or a stroke. Matai was born the day I lost my beloved Kimo and rescued the day I lost my beloved mother. Several weeks later I was told that a lady who lived near where I found him, saw someone throw a mother cat and her kittens out of a moving car. She thought she had found all of them. There was another one in the litter that looked just like him so we are certain he was from that horrid dumping. Only a miracle can explain how a 6 week old kitten could survive with no food or water for 2 weeks. God had a reason for this precious little life and I am so very thankful God saved him as a very special gift just for me. He truly was a gift from God.
Sc B. McKinney
Alton, NY