Mattie's Story

My brother worked as a telephone line man and ran across stray animals all the time. Being animal lovers all our lives, he always carried treats and food in his vehicle. It was mid December in Ohio and he saw what he thought was a dirty raggedy tee-shirt, until it moved. He went up to it and saw that it was a little dog. She had been living under a dumpster eating garbage. He gave her some food and treats and opened his car door for her. She could barely jump in, but she did. He then brought her over to my house to hold her until he could complete his job and get her to a shelter. When he returned, I couldn't part with her. She was so dirty and covered in matts, it took us two hours to snip all the matts off of her to bathe her. When we were finished, we found that she was a sweet, beautiful little Shitz-tzu girl with big brown eyes that just said "thank you". She made herself at home in one of the cat's beds. I knew instantly what I should name her....Mattie. She has brought so much joy and love to my life, I'll never let her go.
Cleveland, OH