Maurizio the Italian Lhasa!

After the loss of our old and faithful Pekapoo at age 16, my husband and I had decided that we could not have another dog. With our kids grown, and both of us working, it just didn't seem fair to have a puppy and keep it locked in all day alone. I've been visiting regularly, though, thinking that there might be a cat out there that beckoned to me--I'm a real cat lover! In February 09 I received an email announcing "new pets for adoption," and visited Petfinder. There on the page was the most adorable little dog looking up into the camera! He'd been picked up as a stray out in the country, paws raw and fur matted and dirty and full of burrs. After a month at the local Humane Society, no owner had come forward, and he was put up for adoption. He'd been neutered, bathed, coiffed, vetted, micro-chipped and tagged, and was ready to make an impression! I called my husband and on a snowy Friday night we sped to the shelter to meet Maurizio. With only minutes until closing, the staff and volunteers were happy to introduce us. He jumped into my husband's arms and that's the way he made the trip to his new home! The art student who names their animals ("because she has the best imagination"), told us that she knows this Lhasa Apso is rooted in Tibet, but he seemed more Italian, thus the name Maurizio. We call him Rizz, and after a month with us, he recognizes his new name. He is the best dog ever, fully house-trained and very smart. He's a little older and is obviously used to being alone during the day, so we've all adapted very well! We're so glad he found us!
Sali Mounce
Menomonie, WI