Max my service companion

I was looking for a companion one day while I had extra money from my disability and was told to find a small pet. I went to San Francisco's SPCA and there were three small ones one Pekinese and two Maltese dogs there one of the Maltese was ready to be adopted and the other two had heart problems which they wanted to operate on them before they were adopted to see if they could improve there hearts. I cried cause they were cute and I wanted one of them. Then they told me the one that was ready never lived in the city. So I did not know what to do. San Francisco's Animal control was right down the street from there and there was my companion it was love at first site. He was a stray minuture Daschund mixed and they told me he was to be put to sleep in two days When I asked to adopt him they told me to go back and read his profile. So Max is a bit hard to train but I still fell in love with him. I had to prepare my room for his entry and wait for his neutering and have had him almost three years He is definitly my companion. He loves me with all his little heart and will never let him go. Michelle Bakken
Michelle Bakken
San Francisco, CA