My basenji was slowly getting worse. The vet thought it was arthritis. I had been searching on for two months just seeing what was out there. I saw some favorites come and go but knew I wasn't ready. One weekend my dog took a turn for the worse. We made an appointment to put Keisha to sleep that Monday. She was almost eleven years old and had a tumor on her spine. She could barely walk. I went on on Sunday night and was browsing. I saw a "schnauzer mix" that didn't resemble a schnauzer to me. I clicked on her picture and fell in love with her. I showed my youngest son and he fell in love with her too. We were going to wait until after Christmas to get another dog but I knew she would be scooped up by then. The next night I filled out the application. I learned she was a stray from Ohio and I felt it was meant to be (I was born in Ohio and had moved to Wisconsin when I was 12). We were approved and went to pick her up within two weeks. Her name was Skittles and she was living two hours from us with her foster parents. They were three college girls that had taken time out of their busy lives to take care of her. She was underweight and shy when they got her. We took her home, named her Maya, and she is the happiest dog ever! She is very affectionate and loving. I think she knew she was home the minute she walked in the door!
Stephanie Pierce
Wisconsin Rapids, WI