Maybelle - the Wild Thing

I had been down and out and had been experiencing some of the worst anxiety of my life when one day up popped a plea for a home for two kittens on facebook. They had been found by a young lady and she wasn't able to keep them. A spur of the moment text to my husband later and he was on his way to meet the girl to pick the little female up. I never in a million years dreamed he would say I could have her as we already have a plethora of animals, but all he said when I asked was, "Can I name her?" She was skinny and full of fleas and hid for a day or so, but oh my when she decided to stop hiding, boy did she have personality... Now almost 2 months later, I call her my sweet little monster.. She is the kitty who loves to play rough, has learned to pull the covers off of me when she decides it is time for me to get out of bed and does the cutest little rump shaking when she's ready to attack. I couldn't love her more and we couldn't have asked for a better addition to our plethora of animals. We love our little Maybelle.
Huntsville, AL