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Meet Gertie - Seniors Rule!!

Upon browsing photos on our local shelter website, Gertie stood out because her previous owner had written a bio for her, letting us know that she was house and crate trained. We are so thankful that he did that - when we got to the shelter she was curled up in a tight little ball in the back of her kennel, blending in with the shadows, and she wouldn't even lift her head when we called to her. Black Dog Syndrome is definitely a real phenomenon, and we probably wouldn't have asked to meet her if not for her bio, especially because she was 7 year old and had arthritis in her hind leg. She had already been there for several weeks and was due to be euthanized the following week. What a gem she turned out to be! Our sweet old gal perked right up at home with daily exercise and glucosamine, and now she doesn't even limp. She is wonderful with our daughter, loves all children, gets along fabulously with all dogs, and has the sweetest soul. She still has tons of energy to play fetch and go on daily runs with me. More people should consider adopting seniors - they are often already trained and fit right into your routine, plus many shelters give you a discount on adoption fees!!

Stacy Kroll
Simi Valley, CA